Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Instagram Diaries

If you're wondering why weren't not posting all that frequently on the blog,  it's because we're on the middle of a torrid affair with Instagram.
Have a look at what we've been up to lately:

1. Hitting the Sales.
These shoes were a steal at the recent Zara sale.

2. Viewing the city from a different viewpoint.
That's the Oval Maidan and Rajabhai towers you see below. :)

3. Sharing our Bedtime stories.
This is how we unwind at the end of a long day.

4. Outfit Inspiration.
We often share our favorite outfit ideas on Instagram.
Its great to instantly keep yourself updated on the latest styles.

5. Candid Photos
Random candid photos taken at the latest fun events we attended.

Hope you liked these tiny snippets from our daily lives.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Spring Stripes

And we've found the perfect weekend outfit!
Love how stylish the striped pencil skirt looks once paired with those blue sunglasses. 

(via here)

The slit at the back adds a dose of sexiness, while the jersey material keeps it feeling super comfy.

Just right for the upcoming weekend where all we really want to do is laze around! 

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday Musings

Hello dear readers.
It was more important than ever to look for something to inspire us this Monday as we were majorly sleep deprived.
However, seeing lots of pretty details did cheer us up and it hopes it brightens your spirits too.

Here are a few of  our favorite things that we saw today:

1. Clean nails +  Geometric Rings
There's something so fresh about a nice nude nailpolish.
nude nails and geometric rings The Fashion Co
(via here)

2. Sexy Summery Backs.
Its always a bonus when a cute summery dress is chic too.
striped dress with cut out back The Fashion Co outfit inspiration
(via here)

3. Motivating Words
Mondays are always the hardest to get through.
To make sure we start the day off on a cheerful note, we often share the most inspiring words we've come across on Instagram.

dont let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big

A little bit of motivation seems to go a long way in making our week better.
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4. Easy decorating Ideas
The easiest way to refresh yourself is to change your surroundings.
Color coding your books to an easy way to achieve this without spendiing a rupee.
Plus, it'll make you clean!

easy decorating ideas colorcode book shelves The Fashion Co
(via here)

5. Gorgeous Cutlery
We're looking to invest in some pretty pieces of cutlery.
It would be a nice touch to add to otherwise boring weekday dinners.

silver and mother of pearl shell cutlery The Fashion Co
(via here)

That;s all from us this Monday.
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

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Diy: Stacked Chain Bracelets

Absolutely loving the idea of stacking gold chains of different thicknesses to make a stellar bracelet.

(via here)

You can also try wrapping around chain necklaces for the same effect. 

Paired with a simple shirt and black pants it looks so minimalist and chic.

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