Monday, 21 July 2014

Lust List: Embroidered Cape

So So in love with this dramatic cape seen at Tadashi Shoji, NFW.

embroidered cape red and black cape Tadashi Shoji, NFW.
(via here)

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Monday Musings

Happy Monday everyone.
Its been a whil since we did a Monday Musings post and the reason was so completely worth it!

We switched off from all things work related to take off on a fun trip to Singapore.
( See what all we were upto on Instagram.)

We're back rejuvinated and refreshed and are waiting to share all our shopping finds with you.
In the meantime, here are a few things that are making us happy this Monday!

1. Glitter French Manicure.
So perfect for the rains. 
glitter french manicure
(via here)

2. This made us a laugh.
(via here)

3. Easy Breezy Monsoon Style.

rainy day outfit kate moss style
(via here)

We love how Kate Moss has paired that oversized pendant with a casual outfit.
The perfect look to replicate this rainy season. 
( P.S.: More monsoon outfit inspiration here!)

4. Pale Pinks
We love the idea of switching out staple white bedsheets for soft peach and pink tones instead.

Bedroom decorating ideas pink peach bedspread
(via here)

5. Healthy Indulgence
A spinach and cheese sandwich?
Thats a great twist on the old favorite and the spinach tricks us into believing that we're being just a little bit healthy.

Spinach ad cheese sandwich rainy day food ideas
(via here)

That's all from us this Monday.
Have a wonderful week!

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Stepping Stylishly with Marks and Spencers

A little while ago we were invited to come and browse through the latest Marks and Spencers collection. 
 (Btw, the collection is on  sale now! )

We have a long lasting love for the brand, starting from purchasing our first lingerie from them in school, picking up great jeggings to wear to college everyday and then years later, finding the perfect blazer to wear to a job interview on their racks.

However we must confess to feeling a little limited by the collection we saw in their Indian stores, especially when compared to the variety available in their London store.
  Luckily, they have rectified this in a huge way with their flagship store on Hill Road. 
Spread over three floors, this stocks everything from their newest beauty products (lipsticks, nail polishes, perfumes) to swimwear,  bags, shoes as well as their latest international clothing collection for men and women.

With such a huge array of things to discover,  we couldn't wait to check their new collection out.
On reaching the store,there were more surprises in store for us.  
We were really happy to meet a few of our favourite bloggers and were discussing the nicest pieces from the collection when suddenly an impromptu styling contest was announced.

The winners were to be chosen by the other participating bloggers themselves.  You can imagine the chaos caused by enthusiastic bloggers running around,  choosing their favourites from the store!
It was a fashionable mad house.

Each blogger presented their final look to others and there was a fabulous photo booth to remember the moments by. 
Have a look at the wonderful looks some of the other bloggers created:

(All the pieces are from the latest MnS collection available on sale in stores now. You can see the rest of the  bloggers outfits here!)

After the fun preening and posing in the photo booth,  we cast in our votes. Can you guess who the winners were?

And can you see how overjoyed we were to be chosen! We couldn't be more flattered to have our style appreciated by the other fashionistas.

All in all it was a wonderfully fun evening.
We've gone back multiple times to pick up our favorite pieces from their latest collection and can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Monsoon Outfit Inspiration

Now this is how you accessorize with an umbrella!

rainy day outfit inspiration The Fashion Co chic umbrella
( via here)

How chic does she look?
The perfect Friday outfit.

P.S.: More outfit inspiration for a rainy day here and here!

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