Friday, 1 February 2013

Lookbook: Winter Whites

Here at The Fashion Co, we are big fans of winter.
We love the chilly nip in the air in Delhi, where we spend the winter holidays enjoying a leisurely lunch in the garden while we enjoy the afternoon sun or nourishing our soul with hot chai and warm pakoras.

We spend the Bombay winter by sipping on hot chocolate and eating our favorite cinnamon spice cookies. Winters here are spent catching up with friends over long dinners, watching the latest movies and going from one place to another over the weekends.

But no matter where we, the thing we most enjoy about winter is slipping into our comfortable blazers or chic jackets. The weather in Mumbai is just perfect... its cool enough that you can wear layers if you feel like, but do without them if you don't want to.

One of our favorites, is the white jacket below.
The bright white is a trusty neutral that goes with absolutely everything.
The sharp cut and classic tiny scalloped piping adds a touch of elegance to anything we wear.

We love the idea of wearing a bright white on a cold winters day.
We paired it with a grey tank top and electric blue jeans to keep the look bright.
Our favorite gold statement necklace and a pair of heels were the perfect finishing touches.

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses - Aldo

White jacket- bought in Glasgow

Grey Tank Top- Splash

Gold statement necklace with turquoise drops - The Fashion Co Store

Electric blue skinny jeans- Random store, Hill Road, Bandra ( also worn here)

Black and gold heels - ( also worn here and here)

We have been mentioning 'The Fashion Co Store' for a while now, and things are finally falling into place.
We're so excited to announce that we will be launching our store with an exclusive pop-up exhibition of our 'Spring-Summer 2013' collection.

The details of the exhibition will be up soon and and we would be over joyed if you guys took some time out and came. One of the nicest parts of running a blog is meeting your readers after all ! 

We promise it'll be a fun day filled with loads of yummy accessories, good food and great style :)
 So please do like our Facebook page and keep a look out for the invite.. It'll be up soon :)

( P.S.: This post is also submitted on IFB Project #96)

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    1. Thank you :) Glad you liked the look~


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